one, why is it that JennyxVastra doesn’t have a ship name? are they too good for it? or are they too complete as a soulmate that they don’t need one. cause really I’m trying to look for all the fanfics but since there’s no ship name it’s hard. I wish we can settle for one, even ‘interspecies lesbian couple’ would work.

second, dya guys know any place where I can watch Doctor who episodes online? that will work in the Philippines.. please, I need more of my otp

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“I guess I got the regenerative ability from Dad then.”  She shrugged.  “Saturdays are much better.  You’ve been popping out of places, too?  How?  The TARDIS or a vortex manipulator?”  Ellie held up her wrist.  “I kinda stole mine from River…”


"your father forgot to remove every huon particle inside me, so whenever I get too emotional and just want to leave the place, I suddenly end up halfway across the world" Donna shrugged before raising an eyebrow at what she said, "you stole yours?"


I tried to restrain my popping and strange half-mewling noises while she worked until the correct combination of cables was plugged in where it belonged. With a whir, I did the mental equivalent of crack my neck and let the entire console glimmer blue. Without a thought for anything else, I jolted straight into the Vortex, purring with delight. I could put myself in orbit around a neutron star or something of that nature and then find the Doctor and all would be well.

Wouldn’t it?

And then all the sudden, it occurred to me that I took off without considering that Donna was on board. Sheepishly, I let warm air curl into the TARDIS console and smiled into her mind, “Thank you, Donna. I’m not all fixed yet, but I can fly again.”

Donna had her hands warming her thighs and arms when she felt warm air, she did complain before to the Doctor about how cold the TARDIS was and she was glad that she or he remembered. “You’re welcome” she stated, walking around, a bit clumsily since it was still moving and she couldn’t hold onto anything until she felt warm enough. 

"so where we off to?" she asked, looking around as if she could stare at the TARDIS’ eyes or something of that sort. "are we gonna find the buffoon or something?"

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reblog if u understand this inspirational message

an important message brought to you by the music community on tumblr.



reblog if u understand this inspirational message

an important message brought to you by the music community on tumblr.

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Companions that have a crush on the doctor: kisses him

Donna Noble: kisses him, gets a ring from him on her wedding day, has said ring put on her ring finger, is always thought of as his wife and sees him NAKED

Don’t forget that she also had a child with him.

oh yeah, so she did everything besides sex then. 

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